czwartek, 17 grudnia 2009

Of course, I had to start another account, like I didn't have enough of them XD But this one will be my art blog. I will whine and excite about my art, because I don't feel like I have a proper place for that.
Currently I am working on my patience and all I do is staring at awesome pictures that inspire me and then try not to get annoyed by how slowly I draw. I know I shouldn't stress myself about such detail, especially when the results are so much better when I'm relaxed and precise. But there is always a moment drawing one piece when I have enough of drawing. I'm bored with how it looks and then I want to abandon this and start something new. That's why I fail. I can't even count out how many paintings I have abandoned because I couldn't focus on one idea any more. Also, I love draw faces and I only focus on this particular area. When I'm done I lose my interest in everything else. The picture is not finished thus I can't even show it off, because eventhough face looks brilliantly, the rest is a crap.
Soon Chrismas = holidays. I will be able to focus on a painting I currently work on. I'm content so far how it goes. I try not to get bored and looking at inspirational pictures really help. Also, when it's finished I will take care of my blog's layout too. If I manage that is, I never liked playing around with layouts, I never know what to do... XD
Alright, that's all for now :D

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  1. oh,i feel identificated a lot,i love painting in the first stages,then im getting bored or stuck fixing something and leaved for a long time.Im also obsessed with faces,refusing references and repainting all over again and again...i dont paint anymore until the face is beautifull enought XD.