środa, 2 czerwca 2010

Soldier chick wip2

I drew more today and now my hand feels numb. There are so many details to do, especially on the ammunition that I don't feel like drawing any more. Hands are tricky too, because I cannot figure out the colours. And they look big. I have to resize them. The hair also evolved and this way, I think, she looks more dynamic.

It's time to start thinking about the title for this piece. Because if I don't do this now, I will end up with a shitty title again.

poniedziałek, 31 maja 2010

Another wip - a soldier chick

It seems that I will post WIPs here only , but this time not because I don't have anything to post, but I wanted to show what I'm working on :D
I had an idea to picture a badass chick, who happens to be a soldier. I want it to be dark and maybe I'll add some blood on her hands or wherever. I didn't have much problems with the face, and now she looks like Michelle Rodriquez combined with Eliza Dushku. Most likely I'll work on her face more XD
I'm happy about anatomy, only her boob looks weird, but I didn't work on her body a lot yet. Again, I focused only on her face.
Behind, mammatus clouds, but I will have to bring some twist to it, because as a reference I'm using a picture that can be found on google.
I also have to do something with her knife. I'm sure soldiers don't use an ordinary knife like I did in a reference XD.

piątek, 21 maja 2010

Clouds, eh?

It seems that my art life is a constant art block. I want to develop my skills but either I get frustrated or I have no time (all I am supposed to do is studying. when I have exams and I draw, I feel guilty). Thus, I'm working on one piece for more than two months. To make it worse, I don't concentrate only on one picture but few of them. On the one hand it's a good thing because as far as I go I have a control over all of pics and can enhance them while discovering new techniques or tricks. But when I want to have something finally done, I can't coz all drawings aren't finished. And then I end up whining about it all again.

The painting you can see in this post isn't finished (what a surprise) and I've been changing the scenery so many times for this chick. Finally decided on clouds. Later on I was thinking, maybe clouds will be a reoccurring motive in my works, coz they're so pretty and it's fun painting them. I think I have a problem with my abilities to plan a painting. If only I had a clear image in my head, an aim I am heading, it would be so much easier to finish something within short period of time. Like... a week, perhaps.

Okay, gotta go studying. Later I will write more what bugs me XD
Whoever reads it, have a nice day!