piątek, 21 maja 2010

Clouds, eh?

It seems that my art life is a constant art block. I want to develop my skills but either I get frustrated or I have no time (all I am supposed to do is studying. when I have exams and I draw, I feel guilty). Thus, I'm working on one piece for more than two months. To make it worse, I don't concentrate only on one picture but few of them. On the one hand it's a good thing because as far as I go I have a control over all of pics and can enhance them while discovering new techniques or tricks. But when I want to have something finally done, I can't coz all drawings aren't finished. And then I end up whining about it all again.

The painting you can see in this post isn't finished (what a surprise) and I've been changing the scenery so many times for this chick. Finally decided on clouds. Later on I was thinking, maybe clouds will be a reoccurring motive in my works, coz they're so pretty and it's fun painting them. I think I have a problem with my abilities to plan a painting. If only I had a clear image in my head, an aim I am heading, it would be so much easier to finish something within short period of time. Like... a week, perhaps.

Okay, gotta go studying. Later I will write more what bugs me XD
Whoever reads it, have a nice day!

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